Polecam camera crane for C300, 5D, FS700, Black Magic Cinema Camera etc now available to hire

The Canon C300 on the Polecam Long Head

The new Polecam long head can take the larger cameras such as the Canon 5D, Sony FS700, Canon C300, Panasonic AF101, Phantom Miro, GoPro 3D rig, IDT NR5 high speed camera..and the list goes on.

Unlike other lightweight camera cranes the Polecam gives you the creative freedom and flexibility of having full remote control over the pan and tilt of the head.

Apart from needing some additional counter weights, the rig itself is the same so still has all the benefits that directors using Polecam come to expect e.g fast set-up time, quick to relocate, relatively discrete, compact and can be set up in places where other cranes simply cannot go.