What Cameras can be used with Polecam?

The Canon C300 is now offered as a standard camera on the Polecam and gives broadcasters and production companies┬átotal flexibility on location – the C300 can easily be used to get cinematic shots on and off the Polecam

Canon C300 on Polecam

The Toshiba HD minicam is still the most popular choice of camera used with Polecam as it gives you the most flexibility – for starters it is tiny so very unobtrusive, it has fixed focus and a 4mm lens (equivalent to 20mm on 35mm DSLR cameras) giving a nice wide angle of view and huge depth of field so everything stays in focus throughout each move.

Toshiba HD minicam on Polecam
Toshiba IK-HD1 Minicam

The new Polecam head means that the Polecam can now take more cameras than ever so if you want to use a camera that I don’t have then give me a call.

Black Magic Camera on Polecam

The new head can hold a camera and lens weighing up to around 3.5kg with maximum width of 210mm.

With the larger cameras you have no remote control of focus so using a wide angle lens helps by giving you greater depth of field.

Canon 5D on Polecam
DSLR Cameras