Polecam Filming Zombie Drama..

It was just a regular Saturday out in the forest filming a Zombie fight for Amber Picture’s latest horror flick.


Overhead footage with Polecam of Zombie Fight


The fight was filmed in the middle of a forest with poor access and uneven ground and there were a number of set-ups and as usual a tight schedule. The Polecam can be set-up quickly and easily relocated and provides high production value in just a few shots.



Jim Eaves the director knew that the Polecam was the obvious choice for the fight due to its portability and fuss free set-up; Jim said “Achieving such a clean track and camera angle in our feature was something I only dreamed of, with the polecam we were able to create a high budget look whilst remaining on budget”

Polecam building a Roman Villa..

Polecam building a Roman Villa..

For Discovery’s latest programme on how to build a Roman Villa Polecam was able to give the viewer a unique perspective of […]