Two Polecams filming the Euro Finals 2012 in 3D..

Polecam with Toshiba minicams shooting 3D

The Euro finals were filmed in 3D and two of the camera cranes were Polecams operating at 6 metres with two Toshiba IK-HD1 cameras and the new wire strut system to make the Polecam movement even more fluid and solid with much more control.

3D Polecam set-up for Euro 2012 Finals

The Polecams were positioned behind each goal and each was able to achieve some stunning 3D coverage of the goal area, moving behind the goal, behind the keeper for the goal kicks and high angle set-up shots for corners and any action in the goal area.

3D Polecam shots of football crowd

The Polecam is an excellent choice for 3D crane shots and, even with the necessary additional weight to counter balance the second camera, I was able to quickly move the Polecam from pitch side over to the crowd 25 metres away and the cameras remained solid on the head with no need for realignment.

Polecam 3D Shoot

Polecam 3D Shoot

On this shoot  the entire day was dedicated to the polecam so we were able to really push the polecam to its […]