Two Polecams are better than one..

Two Polecams filming a viral for Cadbury's

I have filmed a lot of stuff over the years with the polecam and this shoot certainly goes to the top of the list of craziness. A huge one day extravaganza filmed for Cadbury’s which included events such as crowd surf racing, mattress jousting, balloon pop belly flop and toilet roll goggle football.

Cadbury's shoot with Polecam

The directors on this production had used polecam before so it was no surprise that two polecams were booked – it is the perfect piece of kit for a shoot like this. You have several events taking place over a very large area so you need a piece of kit that is easy to break down and relocate. The polecam was able to produce some sexy sweeping hero shots of the teams and also really gave you a sense of what was going on with a high angle top shot.